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Welcome to Sage Healing Counseling Services PLLC, we are overjoyed at the prospect of working with you and your family to address your unique worries, struggles, and mental health concerns.

Here at SHCS, we strive to provide comprehensive, quality, and evidenced based practices to ensure our clients feel confident and comfortable from the moment they schedule an appointment to the day they are ready to terminate services.

We understand that there are many reservations, questions, and feelings of apprehension when it comes to addressing mental health needs and seeking professional mental health services. With this in mind, each of our counselors takes great care and effort to create a warm, calm, authentic, and welcoming environment.

We look forward to meeting you and supporting you through your journey. See you soon!

Psychologist Session
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Community Outreach

Sage Healing Counseling Services is committed to helping our client and community thrive. As part of this, we try to actively participate in different community outreach opportunities such as:

  • Health Fairs

  • Sponsorships

  • Sliding Scale Services

  • Psychoeducational presentations for schools/work

  • Collaboration with programs that provide resources for clients

  • Volunteering

Court Related Matters

At this time, SHCS does NOT provide services for court related cases. If you are involved in any court related matters, we recommend seeking a counselor or psychologist in your area that has experience in this area. Examples include situations such as, but not limited to, child custody cases, divorce matters, adoption cases, expert testimony, etc.

We do not provide assessments or evaluations for court related matters as no team member has experience of training in these matters.

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