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Elsa N. Rios

Licensed Master Social Worker

Supervised by Angelina Espinosa, LCSW-S

License #60690

Elsa Rios is a Licensed Master Social Worker with experience working with adolescents and adults. She has worked with individuals with a struggling with depression, anxiety,  Grief/Loss, Cultural/Ethnic Issues, and the LGBTQ+ community.


As a seasoned counselor, Ms. Elsa embraces an eclectic approach, seamlessly weaving together diverse therapeutic modalities tailored to her clients' unique needs. With a rich background in psychology and a compassionate heart, she navigates through various techniques, drawing from cognitive-behavioral, humanistic, and psychodynamic approaches to create a personalized healing journey for each individual. Her commitment to integrating these methods allows her to foster a safe space where clients feel understood, empowered, and guided toward holistic well-being.


McAllen Location

Sees Ages 15+ Only

Private Pay Only - Low Cost Options Available

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